Happy Birthday – a true Santa !

I called him up after seeing his interview in a neighborhood newspaper way back in Dec 2003. I had just joined Aon Hewitt and wanted to collect warm clothes in the office and was wondering where to give them for further distribution and that’s when I came across this article. When I spoke to him, … Read more

Santa and Vinayaka

Both have round bellies, are colorful, bring gifts, children love them, their arrival brings joy and their characters have messages to give !! Santa and Vinayaka (Ganesha). Santa is supposedly Saint Nicholas who was called Sinter Klass by the Dutch and the modern day Santa Claus was probably born around 1820, when stores in the … Read more

Pools of competency, incompetency

As the appraisal season is on us, I was wondering about the bell curve, the high potentials and this whole angst ridden process. Ideally every team should have people with different competencies, abilities and attitudes. Overlay this with two other concepts – you hire people like yourselves and birds of a feather flock together. What … Read more