A Special Haircut

For nearly 10 years now, I have had my hair cut by Wilson. He moved salons and then setup his own salon within RP2, in Gurgaon. I was introduced to him by Lorna saying he did a great job of cutting her curly hair. She was so right … Wilson has a passion for cutting hair and he does a great job. The fact that he is also a really nice human being is the added bonus. In these 10 years, only twice my haircut has been done by other people – once in Bangalore and once in Chennai. Was unhappy both the times :).

Special Haircut

Wilson cut my hair sometime in Aug 2019. I usually get my hair cut every couple of months. For some reason, I didn’t go for a haircut till March 2020 when the pandemic hit.

Haircut Wilson - VGK BMK
At a metro station in Budapest ! Sept 2019. With hair cut by Wilson.

I just let the hair grow out. All through the winter months, I enjoyed having the long hair. The minute the weather changed in April to being hot and humid, I struggled with headaches. For the first 28 years of my life I had really long hair .. well below my knees.

Since 1999, I have been cutting my hair short and I absolutely love short hair. I no longer enjoy having long hair.

Krishnan came to the rescue and on May 18th, he cut my hair with expert instructions from my school friend Rosamma. Rose has been cutting her own hair since 12th std ! All of us would wonder how she did it. She continues to cut her own hair even now. I developed cold feet midway through the process and almost thought of not cutting my hair.

Then we did a compromise and cut out some length. Oh the relief !!! I feel so much more comfortable with shorter hair.

Here is the picture of the special haircut –

Haircut - Krishnan

Hopefully next time I get bolder as Krishnan will have some experience under his scissors :):). I shared the pictures with Wilson and Rose – both of them had high praise for Krishnan.

Do read about Wilson in an earlier post of mine – Haircut at home 🙂

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