Book Review – Celestine Prophecy

Celestine Insights

Read about the first nine insights as imagined by James Redfield.

Lakshadeepam – A Fauji to the rescue !

As some of you might have noticed, to celebrate my turning 50, I have been trying to do different things that I don’t normally do. Krishnan and I hardly visit temples, but I wanted to visit temples just to experience the energy there. The first time I heard of the “Lakshadeepam” was when Mr. Venkatesh … Read more

49th birthday … the calm after the storm !

On 6th April, I turned 49. The day started with Yoga and a walk… and then a deluge of wishes starting with Nachi and Kousalya’s call early in the morning. Then the KV Happy Valley gang called on top of each other.. Adeeti, Javed and Hemamalini’s (Geetu) calls overlapped :). Finally at 10 am I … Read more