The season of delays… ending on a Good Friday ?

For the past year or so, Krishnan and I have been in a season of delays. Everything got done in the end but got delayed enormously. Even simple things like meeting a friend, would not happen. For example, We alternated between feeling elated and feeling dejected about ShikshaDaan’s 12A and 80G exemption status …. when we were introduced to Karan by my ISB batchmate Gurvinder in March and we saw that he was super responsive, we got elated. We were sure that things will work out for ShikshaDaan but suddenly everything slowed down. The meeting with the CIT-exemptions could never materialise, till July, when we managed to get the 12A registration for ShikshaDaan. Guess what, the 80G exemption is still pending!! While we have filed ShikshaDaan’s returns for 4 years and every single transaction is above board, there are delays in getting the clearances.

While on one hand losing the Skoda Yeti in the Chennai floods delayed our ShikshaDaan Yatra by nearly four months on the other hand surprisingly the insurance money came through really quickly. This time in July when we reached Hyderabad and tried to start the Corolla – it didn’t … the first time ever in its ten year lifetime, that car hasn’t started. The battery was dead. Yet another delay and the minute the battery was revived, the car started and was back to normal :).

Or the day we reached the Hyderabad home, completely exhausted only to find rats had entered the kitchen and completely messed it up. After driving for nearly 900 kilometres, we had to spend the next two hours cleaning up the house. We were so exhausted by the end of that day that we slept for nearly ten hours! I always believe that when things get delayed, there are better things in store. Some new direction has to be taken, some new path has to be forged and thats why things get delayed. And just like the Earth has seasons, life too has seasons – a season of delay, a season of things happening quickly, a season of nothing working out, a season of everything you touch turning to gold and so on. One thing is certain, every season changes, after a year, two years or many years, but the seasons do change. So keep the faith, hang in there, the season will change.

I feel our season of delays is slowly changing – this Friday, we went to collect my driving license from Malviya Nagar PTS office and guess what, it happened. Read about the whole drama with my driving license on Krishnan’s blog –

Then we had to get the visa for our trip in September and we went to get that done …guess what, that too happened without any delay. It was raining heavily, but we managed to get back home before the 7 hours traffic jams happened. In the evening we had our advanced level 3 coaching certification training call and the two calls we chose for it not only played out well but we were able to tick the box for nearly every competency! Why, even the pakoras that we had been planning to make for nearly two weeks but never did, got made on Friday. It was a really Good Friday… I know we celebrate a Good Friday in April, but this was a bonus for this year.

I am certainly hoping  that the season of delays has ended on Friday and now things will move a little more quickly. Some of you who are still stuck in the wrong season, just hang in there, the times will change. They always do.


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