Mangoes of Malihabad

In May 2018, we drove down to Lucknow on our way to Gaya. We stayed a few days in Lucknow doing ShikshaDaan’s work and also did a little bit of sightseeing on the side. Since we all love mangoes, we wanted to visit the Mango capital of India, Malihabad, which is less than 30 kms from Lucknow.

The most famous mango orchard here is that of Mr. Kaleemullah Khan. He is known as the Mango Man of India and holds a guinness world record for growing 300 varieties of mangoes in a single tree !

We visited his orchard and got to meet his son as Mr. Kaleemullah Khan was unwell. His son told us that the mangoes will be available only from the second week of June and not before. We just took pictures of the orchard and returned. 

Krishnan examining a mango 🙂
This is the famous tree which yields 300 varieties of Mangoes.

We thought of going back in June and buying the mangoes, but really haven’t got around to doing it, either in 2018 or in 2019. 

This year, we thought we wouldn’t get to eat Mangoes at all since the Mango season in both the South and the North overlaps the Covid19 pandemic ! Luckily Farmer Uncle and Sanesa came to the rescue and we have enjoyed a few varieties of Mangoes this year too. We got to eat Alphonso, Banganapalli, Mallika and Safeda varieties. Hopefully we will get to taste the Dussehri and Langda soon.


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