“Gori” Bindu

Disclaimer – this is not a racist post. I don’t support discrimination based on skin color. I love my dusky complexion :):):) 

My mother wanted a boy and my dad wanted a girl. Well, my dad’s wish came true and here I am :). According to my eldest aunt who was with mom when she delivered me, my mother turned her face away when told that it’s a girl and whether it is true or not, I use it effectively whenever we get into a fight… Ok I use it daily because we fight everyday :):). But I have to say, even if my mom had turned her face away when told it was a girl, it was the last time she did that… Every minute after that, I have been the centre of her life and for my mom, I am her entire world. 

On April 23rd, we reached Shahpur, near Dharamshala from Mandi to stay at Shama aunty’s house. What a beautiful house and set in a picturesque location !! The neighbour had stocked the fridge and brought us milk, curds, water and lunch. Interestingly her name is “Bindu” too and we all felt like she was a long lost sister. My mother had finally found her “Gori” Bindu. :):). As I mentioned in my disclaimer, I love my dusky complexion but it’s a lot of fun to pull my mom’s leg about how she turned her face away because I was dusky and a girl. And as I say to many people who see us together, I take after my dad so am not as pretty as she is. Very often my mother is mistaken for Krishnan’s mom. Please see this picture of Vedavalli with her two daughters “Kali” Bindu and “Gori” Bindu. 


My mother just loved my namesake :). She is a really nice person, and lives a normal happy life and is not wild and untamed like me. She doesn’t give gyan to my mom …. And I don’t stop giving gyan. So more reasons for mom to like her :):).

The fact is, Krishnan and I liked Bindu too. Where do you find such genuine warmth in people you meet for the first time ? We will be back in the winters to eat her special makki Ki roti. And yes, thanks to my sunshine friend Amit who had made friends with her when his mom built the house. 

During the ShikshaDaan Yatra we seem to be getting to meet some awesome people… “Gori” Bindu is certainly on that list. 

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