Osho on Life is, God is, Bliss is …

Today during my morning walk, I listened to Osho’s answer to the second question in Discourse number 8 of his series of lectures titled “The Discipline of Transcendence” Volume 2. The entire transcript is available on this link – A Distant Star.

Life is, God is, Bliss is !!!

“….All that ever has happened has happened only in the now and here. Now is the only time and here the only space. Don’t think of then and there.

A politician thinks of then and there. He says, ‘Yes, one day I will enjoy. But wait, let me first arrange.’ He prepares. He is a maniac in preparation. He goes on preparing, he goes on preparing.

I have heard about a man who collected millions of books. He had no time to read because it took so much time to collect. He collected and collected – his library became the best in the world – but he had not read anything. Then came his death, and doctors said, ‘You will not be surviving more than one week.’

He said, ‘But this is unjust! For my whole life I have been collecting and waiting that one day I will retire and read, but now there is no time. What to do?’

Somebody suggested, ‘You can hire scholars. They can read all the books and in a summary form, before you die, they can give you the gist.’ So scholars gathered, they read all the books, and they prepared short notes, but still it was too big a thing. Again it was like a Bible; and the man was dying.

On the seventh day they brought the book. He said, ‘Are you mad? There is no time! Make it more short!’

By the evening they came. They had shortened it to only one paragraph, but the man was getting unconscious. So they said, ‘Wait! We have shortened it!’ But he was not there, he was relapsing into unconsciousness. He died without ever enjoying a single book.

Don’t think that this is just a parable. This is the story of millions of people. You go on collecting. I have seen rich people collecting money, never enjoying it.

Even poor people are not so poor sometimes. Rich people are very poor, they never enjoy. They say, ‘A little more. Let us first collect enough.’ But it is never enough, it can never be enough. Mind never says ‘enough’. It says ‘a little more, a little more, a little more’. It goes on demanding more and more. It is a mad demand.

You can collect money; that will not make you rich – unless you enjoy it. You can have millions of books; that will not make you learned – unless you enjoy them.

Life is, god is, bliss is. God is never in the past tense: you cannot say ‘god was’.

God is never in the future tense: you cannot say ‘god will be’. God is only in the present tense – god is, life is, bliss is, truth is. Now you also be. 

Osho on Life is, bliss is

So go on “be” who you are !! Life is, Bliss is, Truth is, God is … so you be 😁.

Thank You Master 🙏🏿❤️

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