It Is Difficult For the Poor To Practise Charity…

Osho on Charity

The Master of Masters, Osho speaks on Charity and what it means to be rich. A very different take on this subject like always :).

Do ShikshaDaan. Light up lives instead of lamps.

Every Diwali we try and do something special for the housekeeping folks and the security guards of the condominium complex that we stay in. There are nearly 50 guards and another 50 odd housekeeping staff that includes gardeners, sweepers and the garbage collectors. Last year we had ordered a special meal for them. This year … Read more

Don’t only take …. Give too

There were two news items last week that were heartwarming and slightly different from the regular. We see news everyday about greed, about one upmanship, getting ahead and making busloads of money. Then the economic slowdown, the rich becoming richer and the divide just expanding. Crime graphs soaring, defaulters galore, Swiss bank accounts becoming fatter … Read more