Osho on Human Beings – A Work in Progress

I was listening to the 8th discourse from volume 2 of Osho’s talks titled – The Discipline of Transcendence. These talks are on the 42 Sutras of Buddha. The entire transcript is available on this link – A distant star.

Human Beings – A Process Step

“…The birds are happy, the trees are happy, the clouds and the rivers are happy, but they are not selfconscious. They are simply happy. They don’t know that they are happy.

Buddha is happy, Krishna is happy, Christ is happy, but they are pure consciousness. They are happy, but they don’t know that they are.

There is a similarity between the unconscious nature and the supraconscious beings. Unconscious nature has no self, the supraconscious beings also have no self. Man is just in between. He is no more an animal, no more a tree, no more a rock, and yet not a Buddha. Hanging in between is the misery.”

“….’Osho, I don’t want to become a sannyasin. I don’t want to become superhuman – Buddha or Christ. I simply want to become just human. Help me to become just human.’

Now, this is too ambitious, and it is impossible. Just to be human is impossible.

Try to understand it. Because that means you are saying ‘Let me just remain the process, in the middle.’ Man is not a state, man is only a process. For example if a child says, ‘I don’t want to become young, I don’t want to become old. Let me just remain a child,’ is it possible?”

“….To be human simply means to be on the way of being a God nothing else. God is the goal. To be human is the journey, the way. The way can never be permanent, it cannot become eternal. Otherwise it will be very tiring. The goal will never arrive then, and you will be just on the journey, on the journey, on the journey.

To hope is to be human. But to hope means to hope to go beyond. To hope means to desire beyond. To hope means to hope to surpass, to transcend. This is really the state of a human being – that he is always surpassing, going, going…somewhere else is the goal.”

I plan on listening to this particular discourse several times …. its resonating with me and I want to “get it” 😁.

Thank You Master ❤️ !!

Osho on human to God

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