Lavaash By Saby – A year ago !

March 14, 2020 – Lavaash By Saby

A year ago we had lunch at Lavaash By Saby that serves Armenian food. Its a beautiful restaurant with a great ambience and wonderful service. Food was tasty, but not something that bowled us over. Actually, OPOS has spoilt our restaurant experience. Once you taste food prepared the OPOS way, everything appears overcooked and mushy.

We sat outside, on the balcony. There was a slight breeze and it started to drizzle a bit just as we were about to have dessert, so we moved to a different table. The restaurant is at Ambawatta 1 Kalkadass Marg, Mehrauli. Read more about them on Trip Advisor.

Lavaash By Saby
Had lunch at Lavaash By Saby on March 14, 2020

After lunch we went to the Ambience Mall and walked the lunch off :):). As a bonus we got to meet Shalini, Sanjay and Shlok. Walk in the Mall. I wore the Coimbatore silk saree from Cooptex.

March 14, 2021

To celebrate our anniversary of not going to a restaurant and importantly our “meeting” anniversary, we went out on a drive ! I wore a new saree just to celebrate and we came back home to eat lunch :). This is the #NewNormal, but it doesn’t have to dent any celebration.

Anniversary March 14, 2021
The picture on top is from our drive on March 14, 2021. The one below is from March 14, 2020.

We still struggle with taking selfies … and keep forgetting the selfie stick :). This year I wore a saree that I bought from Gopinath, a weaver introduced by Shefali Vaidya on FB. Will showcase the saree in another blogpost.


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