The First Short Drive in 2021 !

The last time we drove the car towards Delhi was on Dec 10th, 2020. We had to go to SBI NDMB to submit our account opening forms for ShikshaDaan’s FCRA account. It felt rather strange going out after nearly nine months then …. the roads seemed empty, the air felt clean and the perpetual scare of the virus hovered around us, because no vaccine had been found yet. We didn’t want to take an Uber so had driven ourselves.

Drive 2020
I was parked outside the Defence Colony market as Krishnan had to sign a paper at the Kotak bank here.
Drive 2020
A Redi (Pushcart) full of Kinnow !
Drive 2020
The famous Gurudwara Bangla Saheb as we took a turn towards C.P
Drive 2020
On our way back – the famous Dandi March statues … Gandhiji leading the way
Drive 2020
On our way back – the famous Dandi March statues … many other leaders following Gandhiji
Drive 2020
One of the underpasses that have been built on the Golf Course Road – this one is in front of the DLF Mega Mall

Reliving that drive felt good !!

Short Drive 2021

Wave 2 effectively put a stop to any thoughts of a long drive. We didn’t take the car out for even a short drive like we had started doing during Dec and Jan. With the scorching summers, the vehicle doesn’t have to be started every day to keep the battery going. We would just sit in the car after our morning walk and drink cold water !

On Sunday (25th) evening, we just went out for a short drive upto the airport and back only to see how the world looked. A few things did surprise us. Wave 2 was disastrous on several levels, yet, the traffic we saw on a Sunday evening was huge. Many people were not wearing the mask or were wearing it on their chin. Life seemed normal with flights taking off at regular intervals. The intervals were longer ofcourse but air traffic was visible.

Drive 2021
Let the single car not fool you … both sides had enough and more traffic
Drive 2021
The shops and hotels in Mahipalpur
Drive 2021
Krishnan caught a plane in his frame 🙂
Drive 2021
The beautiful colourful sky …

All picture credits go to Krishnan. I took the opportunity to drive 😁.

That drive felt so good. For travel addicts like Krishnan and I its difficult to stay at home. I just wish there are no more waves and we are able to travel as before. Happy to take all the precautions and we are vaccinated fully anyway. The masks are here to stay for a while. We need to remember that our Jain saints wore masks long before the pandemic, so why can’t we wear them for a short while?

Vaccination Update

Vaccination Drive

Nearly 45 crore (450 M) people have been vaccinated in India as of yesterday. We just need to keep pushing those numbers up so that we beat back the Wuhan virus. The vaccination drive goes on unabated.

Sanitizer, Mask, Social distance – SMS karo, safe raho !

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