The Tale of Two Statues – Unity Vs Corruption

On Oct 31st this year, PM Modi inaugurated the world’s tallest statue of the man who united India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It was a moment of pride and while many people were wondering if that statue was necessary, for me and many others like me, it was much needed to set the record straight – … Read more

MahaKhotBandhan Bin Maya

Yesterday the BMW of Indian politics declared her non-allegiance to the “MahaKhotBandhan”…. sorry, “Mahagatbandhan”. The MahaKhotBandhan is a caucus of PM wannabes that Madame Sonia is hoping would follow her dear son, the Clown Prince as the 2019 general elections come around. Here’s a couple of pictures of all these wannabes in one frame …two … Read more

Rise of incompetence – a dangerous example

So the foregone conclusion is finally concluded – Rahul Gandhi is the President of the CONgress party. While some of his party folks are celebrating and am sure BJP is celebrating as it gives them an inconsequential opponent… am just evaluating the impact of this decision on many young citizens of India. The fact is, … Read more

Stampede to infrastructure… what a leap of hate !

On Friday last, 23 people were killed in a stampede in Mumbai. The stampede happened on the foot over bridge connecting the Parel and Elphinstone Road stations. The stampede apparently was triggered by rumours of the foot over bridge collapsing, and a short-circuit. This happened at a time when thousands of commuters were using the … Read more