A Sungudi today

You know that I am crazy about sarees when I have a whole category on my blog titled “Saree addict”. Even during the series of lockdowns that we have had since March 24th, I wore a saree on most days. I did loll around in my track pants and even in my nighty some days (@#$*!).. but mostly I wore a saree. There is something very uplifting when I wear a saree. It takes five minutes, but those five minutes am in a very happy space.

Today I wore the only Madurai Sungudi Saree that I possess. I had written about it in 2016 – The Sungudi circles ….

I have a constant accessory nowadays, the sling bag. It has the phone in it so that every step I take is counted :):) and adds to my daily step count. Its also helpful as I can take the  calls wherever I am. This spot where I am sitting, is my favourite spot in the house for writing. While we have a proper desk, there is no window to look out there, and I find it difficult to write if I can’t look out.

A little more about the Sungudi saree – they are hand woven in Chinnalampatti and I bought this one when we visited the handloom cooperative there in 2016. The wax resist printing and dyeing process used in making these “dots” is laborious. Co-optex has a great selection of these sarees. Do visit the Co-optex website to see the selection for this summer.

Buy genuine handloom and support our weavers. Handloom weaving is our gift to the world and we need to preserve it in our own country. Please buy from reputed cooperatives like Co-optex who ensure that the money reaches the weaver. There are several other genuine re-sellers who source from weavers directly and in turn ensure that the weavers get paid fairly for their work.

#BuyHandloom #Co-optex #IWearHandloom

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