Co-opted by Co-optex !

This is my first Co-optex sari … All thanks to Venkatesh Narasimhan, the one man who is making a huge difference to this 80 year old organization. I had written about What one man can do and it’s truly amazing to see how he is changing an organization and by extension reviving interest in saris. 

This sari is an “Arani” silk with a distinctive border and the color is that of spun gold – this is the one I saw on the w3-Women, weave world post of Venkatesh and bought it online. I wore it on March 14th a special day for Krishnan and I and I wore it in the evening to go for my dear friend Anu’s daughter’s 16th birthday celebration…. But, we couldn’t reach as the traffic was so bad that we spent 3.5 hours on the road and just turned back half way. Also, in my rush to get ready and leave in time I mistook the colours and thought the fall was stitched on the wrong side by my tailor and almost tore it out, only to realise it was stitched on the right side,so now I have to get the fall stitched again :). The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari and a beautiful stone. Most of my neck pieces are semi precious stones, inexpensive and the colours just take my breath away. 

Incidentally, I wore this yesterday when I started this blog and we were in Chandigarh for an event and very interestingly we drove back to Delhi (278 kms) in 4.5 hours last night !! So this sari has some karmic connection to being on the road :):). 

This sari came with the weaver’s details and I am feeling bad that I left the card in Hyderabad. Will take a pic later and add it to this post. I am completely co-opted into Co-optex by Venkatesh Narasimhan and his awesome team. So Kumaran Stores in Chennai just lost a lifelong customer …. Atleast temporarily. 


8 thoughts on “Co-opted by Co-optex !”

  1. Thanks Bindu for the nice post! the Saree is an amalgam of Naupatna design from Orissa into an Arani Weave in T Nadu! It’s very special! You can feel proud of the exquisite skills of its Weavers!!

  2. Lovely saree. 🙂

    Co-optex in Mumbai has great sarees. If only the staff was interested in showing me some, I would have a treasure trove by now. 😀 They behave as though I am not worthy of their stuff!

    • Aruna, surprised and sorry to hear this. Have you been to the showroom more recently ? The new IAS officer who has taken over, Mr. Venkatesh Narasimhan is simply turning the organization on its head. With your permission, I want to share your comment with him. May I ?


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