Chennai Rains – Nov 11 & 12

I shot a video of the rains and water logging in our neighbouring plot on two days – Nov 11 & 12. The rains were quite heavy on Nov 11 but had subsided quite a bit on the 12th. The water logging in our neighbouring plot never fully drained out. Even as we left on the 15th, all the steps to the front porch weren’t visible.

The entire T. Nagar area had lots of water logging leading to water borne infections. Several people have caught the stomach bug, that leads to fever, or diarrhoea or vomiting. Amma and I did too. We didn’t know it at that time but are realising it now.

Chennai Rains Nov 11, 2021
Chennai Rains Nov 12, 2021

Drain water got mixed with rain water :(. Talk of apathy from civic bodies in Chennai …. I just feel angry that we keep voting either of the Dravidian parties to power and both of them have failed to provide basic facilities. Both the DMK and ADMK give away freebies, make loads of money through corruption and have effectively eroded the cultural fabric of Tamil Nadu. Temples are looted, incentivised religious conversion is rampant and the hard working smart Tamilian is giving way to uneducated young boys and girls with a Biryani fetish.

I don’t want to speak about the TASMAC bars … all I wanted to say is said in my earlier blog Congratulations TASMAC !

The only saving grace this time was we didn’t have any of the reservoirs overflowing or breaching, despite the crazy amounts of rainfall. Apparently construction debris was dumped into the storm drains and that led to water logging. In 2015, it was plastic waste and blocked water channels that led to the Chennai Floods :(. Do we just not learn ? I think we don’t CARE.

Read this article Flooding in T Nagar raises a lot of questions for the smart city mission to understand more.

Note: Smart city mission is not the problem, the problem lies in its execution. I do expect the “Dravida” no-Munnetra Kazhagam to blame the Smart City Mission … they can’t bear anything with the “smart” tag 😡🤬 with a man named Stalin as their leader.


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