Didigiri – West Bengal Polls

Didigiri – Mamata style

Till yesterday, I had planned on this blog being light and fun. Shova Majumdar, an 85 year old lady was beaten up by some goons, allegedly belonging to TMC, a month back. All because, her son was a member of BJP. Yesterday Shova Majumdar passed away….

I am not going to post her picture because I can’t bear to see it. How does one beat up on an 85 year old man or woman ? Whoever it is. Whatever they said or did. Unless they have done something unpardonable like rape or molestation or spied for an enemy nation. Shova Majumdar did none of the above and yet she was beaten up.

This is Didigiri, Mamata style.

Back in 2001, when I was working in Spectramind, I was very impressed by Mamata Banerjee. I casually mentioned this to a Bengali friend of mine. She was taking on the communists and living in a hut. She wore chappals, walked everywhere energetically in her white cotton sari, sans makeup or even running a comb through her hair.

My Bengali friend told me Mamata is no good and a “goonda”. She has seen Mamata Banerjee on top of a truck shouting to her party workers to vandalise the shops etc. Well, my friend doesn’t seem to have been wrong ! I am scared to mention my friend’s name because the elections are on and I don’t want her family who are in Kolkata to be in trouble. That’s how Mamata’s Didigiri affects people.

West Bengal Polls

I am certainly hoping for a BJP victory in West Bengal. Am no psephologist nor an astrologer to predict the outcome. Not that I am naive to believe that everyone standing for elections with a BJP ticket is clean and above board, but atleast the party would ensure they don’t beat up an 85 year old :(.


West Bengal needs a big change … it has suffered under the communists and it continued suffering under Mamata Banerjee. Industries have moved out, demographics are changing and it has all the makings of a rogue state.

The broken leg drama – Didigiri, Mamata Style


Life in Mamata’s West Bengal

Cartoons are banned under Mamata’s rule, while she goes on saying nasty things about PM Modi. Strong arm tactics seem to be TMC’s style. Nearly 300 BJP workers have been killed in West Bengal. Kerala and West Bengal seem to be having a competition about the body count of BJP workers. Why not do good work and win elections ?

Mamata’s didigiri became worse after demonetisation. My pet theory is, Nov 8 2016, made the fake note factory in Malda irrelevant. Mamata’s source of unlimited funds abruptly stopped. No wonder her didigiri went up several notches !!

Mamata Bannerjee rule
Cartoon ban - didigiri

Illegal immigrants

West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee has allowed a huge influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. They have helped in changing the demographics and Mamata didi revels in appeasement. West Bengal also refuses to be part of the One Nation, One Ration Card scheme because it is linked to Aadhar. All the illegal immigrants will have to get out as they should. She had a problem with the CAA, Ayushman Bharat scheme, Jan Dhan Yojana etc just because these schemes would separate out the illegal immigrants.

She is now scrambling to visit temples and chant shlokas, hoping her Durga Puja ban would be forgotten.

Didigiri - Mamata

Nandigram and Mamata’s TMC

In 2007, there was an outbreak of violence in Nandigram against forced land acquisition.
The TMC, used this agitation and the 2006 Singur agitation to win the 2011 assembly elections. Nothing much has been done for the people of Singur or Nandigram. Mamata Banerjee is standing for elections this time from Nandigram.

Today, she appears to be nervous ….. camping in Nandigram, with her “fake” broken leg. Suvendu Adhikari who jumped ship to BJP from the TMC seems to have made significant progress. If he wins the Nandigram seat, it will be a big blow to Mamata’s ego.

Watching the fun and praying that we don’t have any more violence. 🙏🏿

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