Osho Story #11 – Specially for PM Modi

This is a favourite story of mine and I used it a couple of days back during a webinar. I have also used it in a blog a few years back – Love what you do … Or change to what you love

Shiva and Parvati along with Nandi, the cow, were walking upto Mount Kailash. The first village they pass through, people bow to them and some people snigger and say, look at this Shiva, he is supposed to be a God and has the Nandi with him, can’t he and Parvati sit on the Nandi rather than walk ? So Shiva immediately sits on the Nandi and gets Parvati also to sit. The next village they go to, again people bow to them and a few snigger saying, these are supposed to be Gods, I get it if he makes Parvati sit on the Nandi, but why can’t he walk ? Poor beast of burden.. So Shiva gets off and lets Parvati remain on the Nandi. The next village they go to, again people bow to them and a few snigger saying “what sort of a woman is Parvati ? Her husband walks and she sits on the Nandi, shame on her !” So Parvati gets off and let’s Shiva sit on the Nandi. The next village they go to, again people bow to them and a few snigger saying “strange Gods these are, the lady walks and the Nandi carries Shiva, ideally Shiva should be carrying Parvati and Nandi”. So Shiva lifts Nandi and Parvati and moves on … The next village they go to, again people bow to them and a few snigger saying “Gods have lost it, Shiva carrying the beast of burden Nandi on his shoulders, even human beings are smarter. Why can’t Shiva and Parvati sit on the Nandi ?” And the story repeats from the beginning :):)

I wish to share this story with our great PM, ModiJi before his address to the Nation today at 8 p.m, because the current situation with the Covid19 pandemic is exactly like the above story. If he eases the lockdown, and restarts the economy, he will be blamed for a spike in the number of positive cases. If he extends the lockdown and the economy suffers, he will be blamed for pushing India towards a scary economic depression. If the number of positive cases don’t spike, he will anyway be blamed for the three lockdowns and the economy nose diving. If the number of positive cases spike, he will be blamed for announcing the lockdown which ensured that the economy went south. Whatever decision he takes under these circumstances, a section of the society will find some reason to criticise him.

The only helpful suggestion I can offer to him is to keep the poorest of the poor and the “producers” (wealth generators) in mind when taking his decision. His government’s decision has to benefit the “producers” and the poor. The producers, because they are the ones who create wealth for themselves and thereby provide  sustenance for others through employment or taxes. The poor, because the playing field is not level right now and they still need protection and support from the state. Those that have jobs, some bank balance, some immovable property etc – the glorious middle class, will have to hunker down and manage to survive without much state support. Please do not appease and please do not offer doles as they both are counter-productive.

My view, with very limited knowledge and even more limited data is – lift the lockdown, make hygiene practices like social distancing and masks mandatory. We have created enough “Covid” infrastructure to deal with whatever spike happens. The famed Indian immunity will also kick in. Get the Ayurvedic doctors also to help with this pandemic – they have managed to successfully treat 5989 patients out of 6000 ! What further proof is required ? https://twitter.com/renukajain6/status/1257988494384721920?s=11

You have a tough job Sir, but you are more than capable of dealing with it. So praying that to Bajrang Bali that he grants you strength and wisdom as you lead our nation at this time of a major crisis.

JaiHind. Jai Shri Ram.

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