World Health Day 2021 – Mood & Food

World Health Day

Early in the morning, Gauri had posted about an hour’s webinar with two amazing doctors on account of the World Health Day. This was on the Living Without Medicine, WhatsApp group. I didn’t know that we had a special day that’s focussed on health !! Google to the rescue, here’s the theme and picture from Times Now for today.

World Health Day

Ayurveda and health

Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine known to mankind. Bhagwan Dhanwantri emerged with the pot of Amrita (elixir of life) from the Ocean churning event. He is the presiding deity for Ayurveda. He is also considered an avatar of Mahavishnu.

World Health Day - Dhanwantri
This is Bhagwan Dhanwantri at the Getwell Anjaneyar Temple, Tirunelveli. We visited in Feb 2019 with Seenu Mama and Amma.

We had Dr. Jha explaining in the session today about how Ayurveda has eight branches including surgery, toxicology and psychiatry. We often tend to think of Ayurveda as “alternative” medicine, when in reality, Allopathy should be “alternative” medicine as it offers instant relief and has several diagnostic advancements. Am sure Ayurvedic texts have information about all the diseases and herbs/medicines to prescribe, but we have lost so much of that knowledge.

My school friend Anu is training to be an Ayurvedic Vaidya and she recently wrote an article – Eat, Sleep, Love – Ayurveda and boosting immunity at the time of Covid19. Do read it.

The concepts of Dinacharya (daily routine) and Ritucharya (seasonal routines) that Dr. Jha explained in the webinar were so logical !! Ayurveda prescribes a way to live in health. I think its important for everyone to understand Ayurveda and bring it back into daily life.

World Health Day – Mood and Food !!

The pandemic has had one major positive impact world over – people have started eating home cooked food. In India we still cook fresh food and the use of deep freezers and microwaves is limited to the cities. The only unfortunate change we are seeing is the craze for junk food and carbonated sugar syrups called colas :(.

Many young men and women today don’t know how to cook …. and that’s sad because food makes all the difference in your health. If you eat freshly cooked food according to the season you benefit from good health. Its also important to cook in a happy mood. This was the reason our forefathers didn’t eat out. It was not only for hygiene reasons but also because the mood of the cook affects the quality of the food.

A big reason for meat and other animal products going off the table across the world is because the animal is terrified when its killed. All those emotions are carried into the meat and affect the person who consumes it. Food is not as simple as peeling off the wrapper and popping slices of ham or cheese into your mouth.

Do listen to Sister Shivani, from the Brahmakumari movement talking about the effect of your mood on your food. No wonder everyone loves their Mother’s food … its pure love that a mother serves on the plate ! It can be your father who cooks equally well and again, its his love that makes the taste so outstanding.

Wishing everyone good health on World Health Day. May we all emerge from this pandemic a lot wiser and even more healthier.

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