Water Bottles from Muktinath

Today while cleaning the fridge, I took out these two 2-litre water bottles to clean and refill with water. These bottles are the only plastic bottles left with me as we have completely shifted to steel or copper bottles for storing water. These bottles are very special because we got them in Nepal in 2006, when we visited the Muktinath temple. Appa wanted to bring back the water from the temple to give to all our friends and family, so we went out to a store and got these two.

The water was so cold at Muktinath that it remained cold even after we reached Delhi despite a couple of days spent in Sikkim after returning from Mukinath. Very special memories of the last overseas trip that we did with Appa, are associated with these two bottles, so they ain’t going anywhere. I must write about that trip too …

A couple of pictures from the Sikkim trip that followed the Muktinath trip in 2006 –

On a bridge somewhere in Sikkim …

Amma is wearing her trademark green saree and Appa is so full of enthusiasm because we were travelling somewhere and seeing some new place. He just loved to travel, like his mother and am so thankful that he passed on that travel bug to me …. so I get to keep up my grandmother’s penchant for travel.

I think this is the Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim. Have to check my notes to confirm.

Missing Appa as I look through these old photographs …. but with a smile, because I can feel his presence. He never liked anyone moping around anyway.

#SayNoToPlastic #memories

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