10 Years of Blogging – Fire and Appa…

10 Years of blogging and it all started with Fire and Appa !

All thanks to Nisha I started blogging on Jan 1, 2012. I first started on eblogger. Then the more experienced blogger Prashant Bhardwaj told me to shift to WordPress. I made the shift on Jan 4, 2012 and just didnt leave. I love WordPress and I love blogging ❤️.

I am reposting what I had written for Appa on Jan 4, 2012 and here it is –

Happy birthday Naana Garu !! We would have called you early in the morning to wish and asked the rhetoric question of what new clothes you bought only to be given the rhetoric answer "new briefs" ha ha :)

Well I read the following in this book that I am reading right now. The book is titled "Aleph" by Paulo Coelho. He is traveling in the trans siberian train with a group and during a discussion he says this -

" .. We never lose our loved ones. They accompany us, they don't disappear from our lives. We are merely in different rooms. For example, I can't see who is in the next carriage, but it contains people traveling in the same time as me, as you, as everyone. The fact that we can't speak to them or know whats going on in that other carriage is completely irrelevant. They are there. So what we call "life" is a train with many carriages. Sometimes we're in one, sometimes we're in another, and sometimes we cross between them, when we dream or allow ourselves to be swept away by the extraordinary."

He is so right, because it still feels like you are around and right here…. someday I will write about all the extraordinary happenings as soon as you passed into a different compartment on this train - things happened just the way you wanted ! Including my inability to spend money uselessly :):):)

Am waiting to meet you again as I know we will.

Thanks for passing on your values, your passion for travel, your zest for life besides your good looks. Love you Appa.

Yes Vedavalli is a handful but she is fine :)

Appa and Amma

I had also written about the Fire that broke out on the floor below ours – FIRE !!!

Uncannily enough, on the 10th anniversary of my blogging, we had a massive fire in one of the apartments in a different block. Here is the image of the damage the fire caused :(. It was the quick response of the security guards and the fire department that the damage was limited to the building and the young boy in the house was rescued safely.

This fire too happened in the wee hours of the morning. Amma saw flashing lights outside her window and when the siren went off she presumed it was an ambulance or the police. When I went to and looked out I saw the fire engine and that’s when we knew it that fire had broken out in some apartment.

We didnt understand the gravity of the situation till much later. 🙁

Am just glad that the fire was brought under control with minimal damage.

Thanks to all the readers who have made my blogging journey special with their comments, likes and follows. I will keep writing and sharing my thoughts and please do continue your support !

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