Synchronous living

As soon as the plane reached upto a certain height the NH8 and other roads looked like rivers of gold and red and soon Delhi looked like the motherboard of a super large computer. The night is beautiful, the lights seem as though the sky fell and the stars are flickering !! Just stunning 🙂 yes am biased, but that’s how Delhi makes me feel, it tugs at my heart, I feel happiest when am in Delhi and something in the air is special. It was muggy and humid, but I still woke up fresh and bright at 5, went for a walk with a Pedalyatri turned “paidal Yatri” 🙂 who initially told me he will send me an SMS to check if I had woken up, while I was across Seema and his bedroom !!! It happens with baba. I could walk 5.5 kms with no pressure of traffic and lovely trees….

The ride to work was tough with the road being in a sorry state – but centre court, the building I share my work anniversary with feels like home. Got to meet the original Fub and I was wearing something that she has beautifully crafted… what a nice way to start the day. Yet another coincidence, I managed to attend the town hall today and got to meet all my friends at work, unexpectedly ! Especially got to see the stunning sari that Shalini was wearing, that she had forgotten to show me the week before last – black and wow. The best coincidence at work was to be able to meet Kirti and say goodbye in person as her trip had been preponed and I would have missed meeting her if I hadn’t come today to Gurgaon…. Our paths have always crossed and I have no doubts, they will cross again in the future.

Am on two different flights within 24 hours – and such different experiences. Yesterday was the flight into Delhi and today I am on the flight to Bengaluru. The airport in Chandigarh is tiny, but I had great company in a packed plane. We got to see the “Punjabi” stereotype, loud with ghee deposits, do the “Ji-Ji” talk and also see a pigeon walking around trying to escape children. Today I sat quietly by a phone charging terminal at 1D and got my iPad and phone charged and spoke to Krishnan, mom, Javed and a few more folks besides catching up on my work emails. In my favourite window seat…. with an empty middle seat … and looked out to see my beautiful Delhi while another friend is crossing over to land in a couple of hours in this beautiful city from Bengaluru.

Am reading the “Twelfth Insight” – and it has started rightfully by saying “… One realises the universe is filled with all sorts of fortuitous encounters, intuitions and mysterious coincidences, all pointing to a higher purpose behind our lives, and infact, behind all of human history.”… And a few pages later it talks of the “Synchronistic flow” – very apt.

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