Societal cacophony

What normally should have taken me 15 minutes or 20 minutes took an hour and left my left leg in pain… While returning from work today, I got caught in a traffic jam and never took my foot off the clutch 🙁 there was apparently a procession (from a religious group, not usually associated with processions). People walking, two wheelers squeezing into every cranny, buses jostling and oncoming traffic added to the madness.

Praying to God is good … I wish people spend more time in prayer – there would be less violence and less crime. But why take out a procession ? Where is the need to show that you are religious or “God fearing” as Indians would say ? I find this absolute lack of civic sense extremely disturbing and it really shows how we think – we just don’t care about the other. :(:(:(:(

And no wonder we fall at the feet of Godless demons like Asaram – he may be innocent, but any innocent man who is just human, would just surrender ! If you haven’t done anything wrong, why does fear dance on your face, Mr. Asaram ? And anyway the Gods will protect you or you should be able to protect yourself if you are truly a Godman.

Sorry for the rambling today – tired and overwhelmed with societal nonsense …. Tomorrow will be a better day. Nothing good sleep cannot overcome.

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