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Yesterday Bindu and I met with Ashutosh Burnwal and Manasvi Singh, co founders of We had a long and fruitful discussion, understanding each other’s platform, our background, and how we can partner for the larger good. 

Buddy4study is a platform that connects those who are looking for scholarships in touch with those who provide scholarships. While those receiving the scholarships would be students from India, those who provide the scholarships could be individuals, or institutions, foundations, educational institutions, corporates as part of their CSR. Buddy4study handholds the prospective scholars from the moment they register on their website, opening a world of possibilities for them. From creating awareness to getting scholarships to monitoring and tracking the progress of the scholars, buddy4study effectively manages the entire spectrum of scholarships through their unique model and creative use of technology. 

We were fascinated listening to both of them about their family and educational background, the idea and setting up of buddy4study, tweaking of the business model, success stories of scholars, and partnerships with leading corporates and foundations to run their scholarship programs. 

Buddy4study has been incubated by some of the most prestigious institutions such as IIMs and nurtured by extraordinary minds from local and global markets because of its unique value proposition. They have already won accolades, rewards and awards for their contribution to the society, and will certainly get many more.

Some of the interesting insights from our meeting are:

1. Scholarships are given on the basis of talent, merit or economic backwardness or a combination of these factors.

2. There is very little awareness amongst both parents and students, and even schools, about the width and depth of scholarships available for students in India.

3. Potential scholars need to have clarity, and target specific scholarship programs to enhance their chances of getting scholarships. Buddy4study handholds the students here effectively, for a very small fee.

4. About ₹9000 crores worth of scholarships are available in India annually.

5. Varieties of scholarships are available for students, for example, on the basis of talent, merit, economic background, gender, caste, community, religion, disability. There are scholarships available specifically for students of Jammu and Kashmir to pursue education but according to Ashutosh and Manasvi, only a fraction gets utilised.

6. There is a scholarship, for almost everyone. 

We also discussed areas where ShikshaDaan and can partner for mutual benefit. Thanks Ashutosh, Manasvi and your team for the wonderful idea, and creation of You are opening a world of possibilities for our students where  none almost existed. Wish you a great future!

Please do visit their website and do share the info widely in your groups. It may benefit someone who needs it the most!

buddy4study website link

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  1. Thank you Krishnan Sir for the kind words. Found you and Bindu ma’am very inspiring and supportive. Looking forward for your constant mentoring, support and blessings to achieve our vision.


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