Incredulous India – disasters aren’t jokes !

As I write this blog nearly 900 people are feared killed in the earthquake that hit Nepal earlier in the day. All prayers out to every person affected by this disaster and may God be merciful and spare many. Its a massive earthquake and the death toll shot up almost by the minute and I dread to think what would be the final tally. Even people in Bihar have been killed and the damage to many buildings in Kathmandu is scary. It has also set off an avalanche on Mt. Everest and there are as many as 300,000 tourists for the climbing season … this is a huge disaster.

Amidst all this we have jokes about how this earthquake is because the Gods are angry with Rahul Rajiv’s visit to Kedarnath or Rajinikanth doing something !! Am all for celebrating death but a disaster is death of huge numbers and an inappropriate time for these jokes. Incredulous? Yes …. but What is heartening is to know that there is also the Incredible India being built alongside … four planes with relief supplies and a 40 member rescue team has already landed in Kathmandu to help with the relief work. Very proud of this super quick response.

What is incredulous is we will have many people who don’t like our PM joking about this too and finding some way to find fault with this response. Now that is a disaster too and not a joke.

Hoping we are able to provide timely relief to our neighbour and friend Nepal and may the families affected by this disaster find the strength to go on in the land of the Buddha … and may the jokes stop. Jai Hind.


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  1. Bindu, I felt exactly the same way when I happened to see the so called joke ( Rajni kanth’s), which was simply inappropriate. If we can’t share the grief of those who are affected, at least one can refrain from such insensitive and cheap modes of ( entertainment !!!)

    Really sad.


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