4.5 and 3.5 

On March 14th, we left from home in Gurgaon at 6.30 pm. We had to reach Noida by 8 pm and assumed that like always it would take us about an hour and a half or the worst case scenario would be that it took us 2 hours. At 8.30 pm we were near Shahpur Jat, about half way across … And no Art of Living program to blame ! This was just regular peak hour traffic in Delhi NCR. We missed Himadri’s 16th birthday celebration and turned back home. What crazy traffic this is. And I wonder who AK will blame this on ? He couldn’t lay the blame on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar because in those three days of the World Culture Festival, there were so many AOL volunteers to manage the traffic. We criss crossed across the venue on Saturday and Sunday and the traffic was no more than a usual weekend traffic. On the first day apparently people were stuck for 4 hours …. But we got nowhere on a non-event weekday driving for 3.5 hours ! Anyway he attended the event, so he can’t blame AOL. 

Does Arvind Kejriwal have any magical solution for this traffic situation ? He is wasting the tax payers money on advertisements about “pehla Saal bemisaal” – “first year, outstanding year”. It’s more like “pehla Saal be-misaal” … A non-descript first year. Neither the promised security cameras have been put in, nor the promised schools have been opened and everyday we get to hear Arvind Kejriwal’s indignant statements “the centre doesn’t let me do this”. Not just that, he used my fellow Delhiite’s money to say that in the advertisement – Delhi truly got conned by a master artist. We don’t need to spend time and money to elect someone who says his hands are tied. But the same person is able to use those very hands to stir every controversy that will keep him in the limelight. 

On 17th of March, we were in Chandigarh and wanted to get back to Delhi as our friendly “Jat” boys were planning yet another agitation and we didn’t want to be stranded having to fight them off. So we started from the “city beautiful” Chandigarh at 6 pm and because we left at peak traffic hours, it took us 30 minutes to exit Chandigarh and at 10.30 pm we entered my personal favourite city in the world, Delhi. Just 4.5 hours to cover a distance of 278 Kms. There are a couple of patches of bad roads in that drive and the trucks were out in full force, but we still got that distance done in 4.5 hours. Again Delhi slowed us down a bit even at 10.30 pm… 

For 35 odd kilometers it took us 3.5 hours and for 278 kilometres we took just an hour more ! Something is seriously wrong with Delhi and AK has to get his act together, stop acting like a spoilt kid and get on with what needs to be done. He is doing exactly what Kanhaiya did to him – he isn’t showing up. Btw heard that Kanhaiya was also stuck in the Delhi traffic – there you go … Mr. Kejriwal are you listening ? 

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