Fog is in :)

Delhi Fog

The famed Delhi NCR fog season has begun… some pictures from 7 am today. We are fogged out !! #DelhiWinters

First Margadarshis meeting over Video !

#LockdownTales On Saturday, April 11th, we had our quarterly board meeting for ShikshaDaan. This was the first time we were doing it over video. Mostly we use this meeting as an opportunity to meet Rajeev, Akash, Tarita, Subbu and Kabir in person rather than just meet over a conference call. We always setup a Zoom … Read more

“Goonj” Namma Chennaiyil

Today started off well with a long walk at the Marina beach and then awesome breakfast at Gnanambiga’s canteen at Narada Gana Sabha as we came to pick up the tickets for Visakha Hari’s concert tomorrow. From Narada Gana Sabha we went to Goonj’s warehouse in Chennai on OMR…. I wrote this statement in a … Read more

Inequality, Is there a solution? What Can I do as an individual?

I happened to read an article on Facebook posted by someone, with a hard hitting on your face photograph of street children in India. I almost came to tears…seeing a bunch of kids who neither had a confirmed source of food nor even clothes to cover themselves. Despite having three different and distinct models that … Read more