#ChennaiFloods – An ounce of prevention…

The information reached the relevant authorities well in advance but the “revolutionary” leader’s nod was awaited and since God Varuna doesn’t report to the “revolutionary” leader, he did his job on his scheduled time…. The sluice gates weren’t opened in time and Chennai paid the price – … An old retired couple drowned in their … Read more #ChennaiFloods – An ounce of prevention…

The ‘F’ word that has to become acceptable!

Well, well, well, I certainly did not intend to highlight the ‘F’ word, made of four letters, that forms part of the “expletives” vocabulary. What I wanted to highlight is the fact that while success is highly celebrated and appreciated, and pursued relentlessly almost by everyone, the role and importance of Failure, and the lessons … Read more The ‘F’ word that has to become acceptable!

Your neice just died ! 

The daughter sat in an autorickshaw and feebly told the driver where she wanted to go. Twenty years back around the same time, 12 noon, same day, Friday, her mother too sat in an autorickshaw but not alone. Her youngest brother was with her, she couldn’t even speak feebly.. She just closed her eyes and … Read more Your neice just died ! 

Elections and Leadership lessons – 1. Clarity

The other day my colleague and I were facilitating a training session for managers and one of the slides spoke of goals and how they had to be SMART. The acronym is well known and much abused :). S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Achievable, R – Relevant and T – Time bound. … Read more Elections and Leadership lessons – 1. Clarity

Santa and Vinayaka

Both have round bellies, are colorful, bring gifts, children love them, their arrival brings joy and their characters have messages to give !! Santa and Vinayaka (Ganesha). Santa is supposedly Saint Nicholas who was called Sinter Klass by the Dutch and the modern day Santa Claus was probably born around 1820, when stores in the … Read more Santa and Vinayaka

Corporate Advanis

Ofcourse Advani is not the hot topic now … Especially after Modi’s “toilets first, temples later” comment. It’s great to watch Modi throwing a small lighted twig over the fence and the Congress party then picks it up, fans it and makes it into a big fireball…. Making Modi even more famous in the process. … Read more Corporate Advanis