Ancient Indian Universities

Indian Universities

Ancient India had amazing world famous universities but unfortunately we have forgotten about most of them. Read about ancient Takshashila.

Forgotten Heroes – Subramania Bharathi

On Tuesday (Jan 21), we had been to Sampath Chitappa’s place, then my cousin Geeta’s place and finally met with Krishna and Murari who are more friends than cousins. They all live in Triplicane, around the Parthasarathyswamy Temple. We had to get some spices from the “Naatu Marundu” (desi spice store) kadai. We left Amma … Read more

Good work gets noticed, always…

The other day, our dear friends, Abhay and Padmaja were at home. While Abhay is a very successful lawyer practising in High court and the Supreme Court, Padmaja, Abhay’s life partner, teaches in a premier school in Noida. They are blessed with two wonderful daughters who are pursuing their interests, making their parents proud of … Read more