Sam Bahadur – live a 100 more !

My first memory of seeing Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw is on television during an interview and how his elder daughter got named Sherry and his grand- daughter got named Brandy… There was something arresting about the man. You didn’t have to understand a word of what he said, but you knew, you were looking at a leader and a very charming man.

Then ofcourse, I found out that this was Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw, an iconic army general who led India to victory in the 1971 war. When I got interested in Sun signs I realised that he and I shared the same sun sign and I was thrilled. My fascination for the army probably started from that TV interview. .. If only we allowed women into the combative divisions, I would have joined the army without any other thought. Now I need to settle for the next best thing, try and become the President of the country so I get to fly a Sukhoi :):)

I have been fascinated with FM Manekshaw…and am not alone. Here’s his personal physician Gen Prasad’s account. Enigmatic Sam Bahadur. His heroics on the battle field seem to have inspired many young men to join the army.

Today is his birth centenary and Javed had posted this on our Whatsapp group chat early in the morning


And I wrote back saying they don’t make them like him anymore … God broke the mould after making Field Marshall Manekshaw. There is a connection with him … He became the Chief of army staff two months after I was born and he died six months before dad in 2008. Not meeting him when he was alive will remain a regret !! Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he addressed the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi as “sweetie”, just to see her expression 🙂 or a fly on the wall when he was wounded in the Second World War with nine bullets lodged in his abdomen, he had the gumption to tell the doc that a “bloody mule kicked me” :):)

Sam Bahadur, you represented the romance in the armed forces and your leadership was visible even to the enemy… Wish you a happy birthday, men like you don’t die that easily and shouldn’t ever die from our history. Proud to be an Indian because you are one !! Live a 100 more. >

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