Chennai, Hyderabad and the water crisis!

Just 16 months back, the Chennai floods happened…. nearly 1500+ people lost their lives and the city was submerged for four days. It caused untold damage and while the citizens rose up to the occasion and helped each other, the then Government of late Jayalalitha dawdled. There were caught unprepared and they caught the citizens … Read more Chennai, Hyderabad and the water crisis!

Remembering Dec 2nd 2015 #TheChennaiRains

6.21 am Dec 2, 2015 – Last year around this time we were in Chennai and had our first experience of floods. It was just 3 hours back that we had rushed upstairs in pitch darkness and water had started to seep into our bathrooms in the ground floor. At 6, the water was up … Read more Remembering Dec 2nd 2015 #TheChennaiRains

Future Generali is safe ! 

On Jan 4th, 2016 exactly a month after the Yeti was submerged in the Chennai Flood waters we received the insurance settlement … So here’s the full story and when am done you will know why Krishnan and I have started mis-spelling the word “generally”. 🙂 Our Skoda Yeti was parked at home in Chennai … Read more Future Generali is safe ! 

#ChennaiFloods – Nandri Nandri Nandri 

I wish we could find the man who was pasting the posters yesterday near Mogappair, thanking the “revolutionary” leader for helping the flood victims … He represented all that is wrong with our world today. You thank the very person who wrought havoc in so many lives indirectly by running a state like her personal … Read more #ChennaiFloods – Nandri Nandri Nandri 

#ChennaiFloods – The “credit” game

Yesterday I was angry and I didn’t want to write this at that time because I would only get emotional. So Rajesh bore the brunt of my anger 🙂 because I called him, but he knows me well enough, so no damage done.  Harry S. Truman said it best –     Everyone who has read … Read more #ChennaiFloods – The “credit” game

Dec 3 and 4 – Days 3&4 of #TheChennaiRains

11.50 pm from Jamin Pallavaram … The fan is whirring and the tube light is on at my aunt’s place… We have managed to get back in touch with our friends and family that were worried sick about us and we managed to charge all our devices. We are safe with some damage to our … Read more Dec 3 and 4 – Days 3&4 of #TheChennaiRains

Dec 1 and 2 – days 1&2 #TheChennaiRains

9.40 pm – from Jamin Pallavaram …  Disaster struck at 2.30 am on Dec 2nd… The night of Dec 1st. It was raining right through the day in Dec 1. We had been to West Mambalam to do my father-in-law’s “devasam” – it was his death anniversary. As we parked the car, we stepped out … Read more Dec 1 and 2 – days 1&2 #TheChennaiRains