22nd move… Nearly done !!

The only house that I have lived in the longest, is T20 Garden City, Dehu Road and those were the first eleven years of my life … From the time we left Dehu Road in 1980, I have moved house 21 times… Am sure many of my armed forces friends have done a lot more. I love change and love to pack. The first seven moves were done with dad and it was dad and I packing while Vedavalli (mom) got into trouble everytime she tried to say something.

Then I got married in 1990 and just in Chennai within six years of marriage, we moved six times :). Interestingly in 29 years that Krishnan was without me in his life, he had moved houses just thrice … And six years with me he moved six times and then a total of nine more times !! Yes, am the culprit clearly.

In Delhi we moved three houses within Navkala and then finally moved into our own place in Gurgaon. 2002 is when I gave away the trunks that dad had gifted me, thinking I won’t need them anymore. The move from Navkala to Gurgaon was the first time we used a packer and mover. Till then mostly I had done the packing, Krishnan would take care of the vehicle and all the “outside” work :):) and most importantly arranging food. Infact the move to Gurgaon was special because Geetu came over to help unpack. Ofcourse Kapil too, not just did up the house, but also had to help unpack 🙂

I was joking with our neighbour in Gurgaon that it’s going to be 10 years in the same house, so finally I may break my own record … Hollow words, because I didn’t break my own record, but moved in Dec 2012 to Bangalore. Today we had the packers and movers come over and pack up all the stuff for the 22nd move of my life and the 15th for Krishnan. …. And you collect so much !! Goonj will get a bunch of stuff from us like the last time when Krishnan moved back from Bangalore, because I just found a bunch of utensils that hadn’t been used in all the time we were here. Inspite of all the papers being scanned, there is still lots. Then the crockery.. Love crystal, but I haven’t bought anything new, so that much sense has prevailed for the past few years. I will give some more away.

I did do the dumb thing of missing one shelf with some utensils in it :):) but we managed to get the movers and packers back and load those too. Celebrated with ice cream at Corner house and we are deadbeat … It’s tiring. Also Vedavalli got gyan for the same things like before. So good day, all in all.

Now, to do what the Eskimos do … If something hasn’t been used for a year they just discard it. We need to do that back at home, in Gurgaon. Oh yes, I missed Gurgaon and Delhi, no doubts about that :):)

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