Fog is in :)

The famed Delhi NCR fog season has begun ! Actually winter has decided to show up as well in the last couple of days. The temperatures have dipped and we are having to wear inners and sweaters to stay warm.

Today morning at 7 am I took pictures from the Kitchen, our bedroom and Amma’s bedroom. We were fogged out ! Hardly any visibility.

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Scariest Memory of the Delhi Fog

I was working with Spectramind (now Wipro BPO) and had a graveyard shift. I left home around 8 pm. That day I was driving to work. The fog was thick ! I managed to cross the Nizammudin bridge and joined the ring road to take the left. Suddenly, when I looked to my right, there was a truck just inches away from my car. Thankfully the truck driver was very cautious and was driving extremely slowly, but I had my heart in my mouth momentarily. I reached the office safely and all is well of course.

Driving to Meerut

The only time I loved plastic was this epic bike ride with Rajinder to Meerut. We were selling DKFL books at that time as I was between jobs and Krishnan had a couple of consulting appointments. So Rajinder offered to take me with him to visit Kapil in Meerut and explain about the DKFL books. It was so cold that despite wearing shoes, the fingers on my feet felt frozen. I requested Rajinder to stop the bike and we had some plastic bags with us that I wrapped around my shoes. There was thick fog on the way to Meerut but thankfully while returning it was sunny and clear.

Today too, by 10 am the fog had thinned out and when we went for a walk around 12 noon, it was nice and sunny. Also the icy cool breeze thats typical of the Delhi winters. Brrrr.

I love everything about the winters except for the fact that many street dwellers die of the cold. Just for want of warm clothing. Goonj started with winter clothing re-distribution and Anshu always says, this is an avoidable disaster. He is so right ! Please support Goonj’s annual campaign “Odha do Zindagi“.

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