Nature’s revenge 

An article shared on Facebook today disturbed me tremendously … It’s titled By 2025 half the newborns will be autistic. This is in the US, the world’s most developed nation. This is also the “flu” season. A doctor from AIIMS, the premier medical institution in India said on TV the other day, that the country where people take the maximum number of preventive flu shots is the US and still the country has a high incidence of seasonal flu. The third point that I want to share is through a picture –  

What do you think am getting at ? 

The most developed nation on Earth, the U.S has been trying to best nature. It’s THE country where research is funded, discoveries happen everyday and scientific advances are made – most of them are to tame Nature. Pesticides and antibiotics for growing food … Germ phobia, pest phobia, trees made to grow according to a scientists need. And the three points above show that we cannot beat Nature !!!

Efforts have to be made to understand Nature and we need to learn how to cooperate with Nature to live well. Guess what, Nature brought us into this world as perfect beings – our blood is alkaline and as long as we eat natural food, yes, fruits and vegetables, our blood will remain alkaline. But we want packaged food …. Chips, cola, pizza, bread, burger, branded cereal.. The list is endless. You are eating dead food and dying. I know, the life expectancy has increased significantly – will grant that to science, but are we really supposed to live that long ? Death is probably Nature’s way of ensuring population remains under control and quality of life is better. I would rather live healthily upto 60 rather than live upto a 100 on life support or drug support. My view and I know a majority will disagree. 

50% of children will be born autistic according to the article mentioned above – In the world’s most developed country. Why ? Because companies have created pesticides that cannot be washed away and permeate the food and thereby permeate the blood stream. This is not being smart. The human race needs a reboot, rethink. 

Sorry to go back to ancient India’s teachings, for all those that ask for scientific proof. I have none, but I manage my business and lead people by focussing on results and here are some results of following the ancient Indian practises – 

1. Yoga and Pranayama – brings loads of oxygen into your system and your Nobel laureate says cancer cannot survive in a well oxygenated system.

2. Vegetarian food had to be made everyday fresh. Farming was done with Cow dung and mulch …. Natural fertilisers. 

3. Infection was treated with rest and appropriate herbs – remember the “kashayam” your grandmother gave you ? It made you feel better when having the flu and didn’t create new strains of H1N1.

4. Babies were breastfed and babies were delivered naturally, not through c-section and guess what, mommies weren’t expected to fit into tights the day after their delivery. 

5. The use of Turmeric prevents stomach disorders… No colon cancer 

…. There is a lot more. But we will wait for scientific proof before adopting these practices and in the meanwhile we will junk-up, chunk-up and die at 90, and ensure the generations that comes after us, have to find a new planet. We inherited an inhabitable Earth and we are leaving behind an uninhabitable Mars. Well done. 

Nature’s revenge ? Let’s apologise and quickly learn to live according to Nature’s rules, not get the better of her. 

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