India Vs Pakistan – Asia Cup

Yesterday there was a India Vs Pakistan T20 match as part of the ongoing Asia Cup tournament. Whatever be my thoughts on whether India should “play” with a rogue non-state like Pakistan, it felt good when India won. Lots of terrifying moments when it seemed as though we would lose… and then Hardik Pandya and my favourite Ravindra Jadeja came to the rescue.

Virat Kohli’s 100th T20

Yesterday’s match was Virat Kohli’s 100th T20 International… I first saw him play as the under-19 captain and thought that he is destined for big things. My prediction has come true !! He is also a thorough gentleman. I will never forget his standing up for his then girlfriend and now wife when they were going through a rough patch. Very few men who aren’t even celebrities do that.

Then he found Ravi Shastri as a mentor. Enough said.

Hope Virat finds his way back to glory.

Should we play with Pakistan ?

My answer will be an emphatic “NO” every single time, till there is a proper government in Pakistan and they stop funding and sheltering terrorists. Pakistan wants to bleed India with a thousand cuts while we go around singing “Aman Ki Asha”. They go on converting Asha’s and killing Amans.

Our soldiers have been killed by terrorists who were trained by Pakistan. Why should we play with them ? Its like playing with your loved one’s killer. The worst was hearing Harbhajan Singh laughing at Shahid Afridi’s insulting remark on Gautam Gambhir. ‘Shameless’: Fans slam Harbhajan Singh for laughing at Shahid Afridi’s comment on Gautam Gambhir.

Would Shahid Afridi laugh if Harbhajan Singh called Imran Khan an idiot ??

The Pakistani cricket team is just an extension of their political and religious ideology. So by playing with them, we are disrespecting all the sacrifices made by the Indian Armed forces.

Glad that we won and hope that some of our current and ex-cricketers also build a spine besides just their cricketing prowess. Put the country and your fellow team mate above another country and their team …. especially an enemy state like Pakistan. 😔

3 thoughts on “India Vs Pakistan – Asia Cup”

  1. Well said ! We are often told not to mix sport and arts with politics. But that goes out the window when it comes to putting the nation first. It’s like having a cultural exchange when our soldiers are fighting off incursions by terrorists sponsored by their state. And this is a proven well-known fact that all manner of terrorism at the border is sponsored by their state. Unless we (and other countries) refuse to play against them, there is no incentive for their sportsmen to push for a govt. that halts all these nefarious activities against India. I wish our sportsmen had more spine than this. To me the win does not feel celebratory as we shouldn’t have played them in the first place.


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