Muted TV helped India win today :):)

Even the most educated amongst us was trying some “lucky charm” or prayers or superstitious act today to make sure India wins the match against Pakistan at Adelaide. The fact that nearly 10000 people travelled to watch the match is something !! Many friends were watching the match together virtually, through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and all other social media :):).

While Jayanth was praying to Hanuman, another friend was not leaving the room where the TV set was. Today our contribution was to watch the match on mute. We stumbled upon the lucky charm of the day, because during the Pakistan batting, I got a call and Krishnan muted the TV and bingo they lost a wicket. The two wickets that Umesh Yadav took in one over again happened when the TV was muted. Once we figured out that lucky charm, there was just no way that we could let Pakistan win !! Infact we tested it even, the three consecutive fours that Misbah hit, happened when we un-muted the TV. Then ofcourse Mom took over – she didn’t let us un-mute the TV till the last wicket was down and India won fair and square.

Funny, right ? But when it comes to an India-Pakistan cricket match, all logic is bundled up and everyone is playing the game :):). While am miffed with the Indian team and captain Dhoni, I will sit in the same place, same angle even if I am uncomfortable if it means India wins against Pakistan. Hahahahaha.

The fire crackers went off, and I did momentarily feel bad for Misbah, because he tried so hard, but I celebrated his getting out, no hard feelings there at all…. Was all smiles.

Well done India. For most of us, the World Cup has started really well, and now we will say “may the best team win” – between India and Pakistan, the only result allowed is an Indian victory.

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