The ‘F’ word that has to become acceptable!

Well, well, well, I certainly did not intend to highlight the ‘F’ word, made of four letters, that forms part of the “expletives” vocabulary. What I wanted to highlight is the fact that while success is highly celebrated and appreciated, and pursued relentlessly almost by everyone, the role and importance of Failure, and the lessons … Read more The ‘F’ word that has to become acceptable!

Letter to the PM – 1. Education

Dear ModiJi, I am a big fan of yours and I like the way you communicate directly on social media. While am sure a small army at the PMO keeps you current, it’s still commendable that you choose to reach out and communicate regularly. I plan to write a series of letters to you on … Read more Letter to the PM – 1. Education

Santa and Vinayaka

Both have round bellies, are colorful, bring gifts, children love them, their arrival brings joy and their characters have messages to give !! Santa and Vinayaka (Ganesha). Santa is supposedly Saint Nicholas who was called Sinter Klass by the Dutch and the modern day Santa Claus was probably born around 1820, when stores in the … Read more Santa and Vinayaka

Misplaced priorities

A few weeks back I happened to see the program “Airtel Super Singer” that’s aired on Vijay TV. There are two versions of it – for the above 18 folk and then a junior version where any child who can sing can participate. The prize is always a flat in Temple Greens from Arun Excello … Read more Misplaced priorities