No resting in peace :(

God is blinded by his own tears …. There are 160+ souls travelling to meet him. He is blinded by his own tears because, of these 160+ souls, nearly 130 are children who hardly have lived 10 to 15 years. But he isn’t crying for them. Their mothers and fathers are crying for them for having left too soon. Time has no meaning for God am sure and since all of us are his children, we are always with him.

The tears that blind God’s eyes are for the souls of the 5 or 6 “inhuman” creatures that shot these little children who had done nothing more than being born and studying in a school as they were supposed to. When it hurts to even slap an erring child how could these monsters shoot and kill them ? And they hope to be welcomed by God in heaven ??

God is crying because these monster souls were created by him and forever now, they will not rest and will never be at peace. The children are going home and will live again, will live long and fruitful lives but these monsters will neither live, nor die, will never know a moment of peace. How could they look at a young unknown child and shoot them ?

God is crying because these creatures managed to live and were born to some mother and father who gave them nourishment and made them strong enough to wield a gun and shoot little children.

Terrorism is no longer about religion or ideals, it’s business. Humanity needs to think about how to make terrorism unprofitable. The weapons stockpiles are to be blamed, the very need to settle every dispute with war has to end. There are 7 billion people in this world and we let a few millions hold us to ransom ???

End this horror now. May this day never come again. RIP little children and others who died. The killers will never rest and never know peace.

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