I help unleash your potential – what do you do ?

I love advertisements, because they are a few seconds in length and creatively manage to communicate their message. Some ofcourse fail to do that and are bad advertisements, but just the sheer creativity that goes into making advertisements is fascinating. I have channel hopped to catch adverts 🙂 and at work, I have insisted upon presentations being short and made like an advert. If you aren’t able to communicate your thoughts succinctly and in a few minutes, then your thoughts require some more clarifying. Most leaders don’t have time for long speeches, why leaders, no one has a long attention span… So you really should know how to get their attention. The age old name for doing this is elevator pitches 🙂

One of the things I have had some of my mentees practise is – what would you say to President Obama if you get his attention for two minutes and do the same prep for your stakeholders. You never know when you get the chance to speak to which stakeholder and they are in the mood to listen to your idea. So be prepared all the time. Yesterday, I caught this short blog by Sir Richard Branson and just loved the thought. Here is the link to – #5 words – I like to create things.

What do you do ? Innocuous question, but people would launch into an hour long treatise on their responsibilities at work … And they lose the interest of the questioner or audience. Just try and describe what you do in just five words ! And that’s what I have done as the title of my blog – I help unleash your potential. Think of the work you do everyday and see how you can describe it in five words. If people like Larry Page and Sir Richard Branson can describe the myriad things they do in five words, am sure everyone else can also do the same.

So do the exercise, repost or comment on this blog, with what you do described in five words… A brilliant exercise to clearly focus on the essence of your work and you stumble upon your purpose as you try and do this. What you see as the essence of your work is probably the purpose of your life , your unique gift for the world. So do spend a few minutes thinking about it.

What do you do ?

4 thoughts on “I help unleash your potential – what do you do ?”

  1. Hey Bindu .. This question kept me occupied for a while ..
    As a virtue of my role in the organization ” I help resolve Traveldesk escalations !!! ” .. this was on lighter note though .
    As a person … “I find reasons to smile ”


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