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Nearly everyone has listened to this notorious clip of ex-POTUS Obama…. trying to tell India that if we don’t take care of minorities, there could be another partition. What a fall from grace for a man who was idolized as a great President and a Nobel peace prize winner. If Karma is a bitch, History is a hound. The Obama legacy is tainted and the facts leave you gasping for breath. There is little to like in this ex-President.

The infamous interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour –

What an incredible timing …. if anyone doesn’t connect the dots, they are really living under a rock. PM Modi gets a rousing welcome in the US and just then, Christiane Amanpour decides to interview Obama. If rumours are to be believed, he was paid a cool few millions just for that statement !! Christiane Amanpour’s father is a Shi’ite Muslim from Iran. She should know that some of her forefathers escaped to India. Parsis continue to live here as a true minority, with their culture and traditions being honoured. Everyone else left behind in Iran was forcibly converted to Islam.

History is a hound. It unearths uncomfortable truths.

President Obama’s comments were in poor taste. They were in such poor taste that the White House had to clarify that they didn’t endorse his views and the comments were of a “Private Citizen”. That must have hurt.


Mr. Sridhar Vembu called out Barack Obama’s arrogance –


Mr. Vembu is right. The western powers truly want the balkanisation of India so that they can continue to call the shots. It’s easy to speak of democratic principles and how they are flouted elsewhere without remembering one’s (Obama’s) past. My friend Sanjeev Nayyar has a few questions for Obama Ji – do read his detailed article on e-Samskriti Rights of Minorities in India – Thank You Barack Obama.

Am reading this book titled “The Arab Spring Ruse” and it’s appalling to see how the Obama administration’s policies helped in the creation of the dreaded ISIS. Here’s an article that speaks to “Obama’s Dark Past“.

Obama’s Dark Past

Here are some excerpts from the above article –

Obama dark past
Obama Dark Past

This is not the first time that President Obama has let down his admirers. He visited India in 2017 just after demiting office to attend the HT Leadership Summit. Karan Thapar, a sneering-entitled-pompous ass masquerading as a journalist interviewed him. Once again he made similar comments on minorities. 0

Do read my blogpost from that year – O(h)bama(r). In 2017, I was still impressed by him, but now I am better informed and less impressed :(.

If you are a Obama supporter, please remember that during his tenure, the US dropped an average of 72 bombs a day … or three in an hour. View his statements on India with that in the background.

Stop preaching Barack Hussein Obama Ji 🙏🏿

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    • Pradeep ji – I don’t know. Am sure many of the American soldiers that got killed in the wrong wars that the Obama administration fought must have been Christians. But this is about how the Muslim community is treated in India – that’s what Mr. Obama commented upon and said there will be one more partition. I don’t think it’s any of his business and he anyway lives in a glass house !

  1. Bindu & Krishnan,
    I agree with your position, but I believe in everyone’s right to self-determination. It seems Obama was using his fame to stoke conflict in areas where he has no business.


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