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I use Kajal every single day. Have done it everyday for the past 52 years. When I was a baby Amma would apply it for me and then in school, I would apply it myself. The Kajal (Kohl is the closest translation) was homemade for many many years. Then I shifted to the “Eyetex” brand that would come in small tiny round boxes. I have never used the eyeliner or eyeshadow or even Kohl.

In the past 10 years or so, I shifted to Biotique as Eyetex was not available in Delhi NCR. In 2018 on a trip to Chennai I bought Eyetex Kajal stick, thinking that the brand has probably remained the same as before. The quality unfortunately seems to have deteriorated :(. I ended up with a stye in the eye for a few months and my eyes would water with a slight burning sensation. I kept thinking that it was because of the weather conditions or due to my menopause and the hormonal changes it has brought with it.

I became a part of a WhatsApp group through the Living Without Medicine FB page where organic product and produce sellers post about the different items they sell. I found this post about Ayurvedic Kajal. I immediately contacted Ajeesh at Ved Tattva and got the Kajal stick delivered to me in Gurgaon in Jan 2021.

Feedback – Using the Sunetra Kajal from Ved Tattva made a huge difference to the burning sensation and watery eyes. The stye disappeared ! The quality is truly outstanding and I would recommend it without hesitation. Contact Aneesh @ +91 72047 76221 to get your Kajal delivered.

Kajal from Ved Tattva
Sunetra Kajal from Ved Tattva
About Ved Tattva Kajal as posted by them - 

Ved Tattva Ayurveda SUNETRA Kajal is an eye soothing hand made kajal made as per the 5000 year old kerala traditional process by an ayurvedic doctor. The chakshushya (nourishing the eyes) herbs Thriphala,daruharidra,sahadevi and tulsi are processed for 21 days to get the maximum benefit. 

The medicated soot is made from these chakshushya herbs using the traditional castor oil lamp method.This medicated soot is the source of pure black color for our Kajal. The presence of cold pressed castor oil ,desi cow's hand churned A2 ghee and pacha karpooram makes this kajal exceptionally good for your eyes. 

Our Kajal is a lab tested one and it is inline with the Ayush recommended parameters.It doesn't contain any parabens ,preservatives or mineral based colors. It is 100% safe for babies as well. 

Medicated Soot and Desi Cow Ghee|Safe for babies|Lab Tested|No parabens|No Mica colorants|No preservatives.

Their website – Ved Tattva.

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