Walk in the Mall

Yesterday we went to the Ambience Mall as it started to rain when we went out for lunch to celebrate our “meeting” anniversary. We were going to a mall after ages, because most of our shopping happens online and we really don’t buy anything except essentials. We have enough clothes and gadgets and we are anyway trying to de-clutter and downsize so that we can spend most of our time doing what we truly love – ShikshaDaan and Travel.

We went to the mall to walk !!! And it suddenly occurred to me, that weather can be no excuse for not exercising. For the past 15 days, I have been trying to walk everyday as in the past four years I have completely fallen off the exercise wagon, courtesy the pollution, constant travel and general inertia. I got a health wake-up call on Feb 8th, when my BP shot up for a day and my head started spinning, a first in 50 years. Ever since that episode, I have completely overhauled the food we eat and am taking baby steps towards getting back my fitness and health. The walk in the mall was towards that goal.

As an added bonus, we got to meet Shalini, Sanjay and the not-so-little-anymore Shlok ! Shlok is taller than his dad and mum … I am yet to get over the shock. This was the little boy who didn’t even reach upto the table at work and had to come around the table to shake hands :). I think children grow rapidly between 5 and 15. One day they are sweet munchkins and the next day they are difficult teenagers and almost-adults and ten years go by in a second.

We walked nearly for an hour inside the mall and with the Corona Virus scare there were fewer people. So many shops have changed at the Ambience Mall, guess they couldn’t make ends meet because the rents are high and smart Indians will browse all the brands at a Mall and go buy what they want at the local market where it is way cheaper ! I think the malls need to rethink their strategy in India …. we have a lot of local markets and the mom and pop stores have been around for generations. Unless the product is hugely discounted at the mall, a smart buyer ain’t buying.

Anyway we had tea and enjoyed a cool walk in the mall. Just thought of sharing the idea for all those out there who like me are trying to find every excuse not to exercise :):):).


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