When time crawls .. :):):):)

Krishnan’s pain on Sunday was caused by a disc that was protruding and touching a nerve. Sunday was the first time I have seen Krishnan cry out in pain and it was so tough to not be able to do anything to ease the pain….

Today he has just undergone a minimally invasive procedure to remove the truant disc that was causing all the pain. He is absolutely fine and smiling away.

From the time he was wheeled into the OT at 9 till 12.30 when the OT doc called me to inform that I can go see him, time did crawl … Manish, you were right. Atam, thanks for coming by and spending some time with me – while I am not scared easily, I was tense, guess you sensed that. The hospital is awesome, the doctor even more so – you meet him and get the sense you are in the presence of a master craftsman, and you know fully well that this is a simple enough procedure, but till you see the smiling face of your loved one, you just remind yourself to breathe. I had many of you call me and that was so needed. My mom-in-law called just as Krishnan got wheeled into the OT – mom’s know !! 🙂

Rajesh and Seema, Atam, Nisha, Kabir, Manish, Geojo, Vandana and all our friends – couldn’t have managed without you guys. A few big lessons for all of us – friends, your parents and siblings come through every time so keep investing in those relationships, health is critical – so invest as much time in keeping yourself healthy, physically and mentally, remain calm – what looks like a big issue will come only at the time that you are equipped to deal with it, guaranteed, that’s God’s promise to you. Krishnan’s pain started before we started out for the airport, the hospital is closeby and the doctor was just right – so even things that seem tough, are well positioned. Say thanks and invest in gratitude.

Just had tea and a great lunch, now waiting for Krishnan to be wheeled into the room.

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    • Thanks Mr. Rajagopalan. Will certainly try alternate therapies. Krishnan and I both are not very keen to go in for surgery or allopathic treatments, except when unavoidable. Thanks for your wishes.


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