Broccoli-Cashew soup

I dont know if it has happened only to my FB timeline, or to everyone’s – I find a whole host of videos from different websites being pushed. Some are useful, like the ones related to exercise or cooking or time saving hacks but there are dozens that talk of the Royals and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding etc. Have to find a way to turn those off. But, thanks to these unsolicited videos, I came across this recipe for a Broccoli soup.  I am now trying to locate the video but am not able to, so giving credit without knowing whom to :).

Broccoli is a favourite of mine but Krishnan doesn’t like it at all. I buy it rarely but even then its sometimes challenging on how to use it in something that Krishnan would enjoy as well. Amma of course doesn’t care for anything other than potatoes :):). This recipe that I found was really interesting and here it is –

Use butter to sauté shredded Broccoli and onions cut fine. Add garlic, some pepper, cinnamon, and salt to taste. Once all the veggies are cooked, add thick Cashew milk.

I of course had to use OPOS, so I cut onions into small pieces but the broccoli I cut into florets, flashed them both with butter, garlic, salt, dry basil leaves and pepper powder. Used a handheld blender to coarsely grind this and added Cashew milk. I made Cashew milk using whole cashews soaked in hot water for a few minutes and grinding it into a paste. I diluted the whole soup to the consistency that I wanted. This soup was a huge hit. I couldn’t even take a picture as it was polished off !!

Thanks to the video on FB and the person who made it, I now have a way to include broccoli in our diet.

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