Daredevilry or Stupidity or Poverty ?

The painting and repair work at our condominium complex that had been stopped for the pandemic has re-started. Currently our tower is getting repaired. So we have painters and masons who hang from the roof using a harness. My mother feels nervous, just seeing them in their harness. She feels there has to be a better way to do this which keeps the painter safe and not indulge in daredevilry.

Daredevilry - Ridgewood
One of the workers getting down to the floor below us using our balcony as a step 🙂

Last week, one of the residents posted a picture on our block’s WhatsApp group that made us all get scared. One of the workers slept for an hour on the roof !!! Don’t know whether to call it daredevilry or stupidity… or even worse, just poverty that made him value his life so little.

Daredevilry - Ridgewood
He is on top of the 13th floor roof …. 🙁

Don’t know if his harness was attached to the rope or not. My palms are sweating a little as I write this even though I know that he is safe. Actually I don’t have a fear of heights at all, but I wouldn’t dare sleep on a sloping roof on top of the 13th floor anywhere in the world. Even if one’s harness is tied securely, just the thought is scary !

What made this man do this? Is it poverty ? Am sure he is a daredevil but this is a little extreme for him. Poverty makes one value one’s life less … It can’t be stupidity because this is his means of earning an income. He is obviously skilled otherwise he wouldn’t be doing this. Am zeroing in on poverty. I could be wrong though.

He may be an evolved soul, unaffected by the risk he is taking. Wish that’s the case.

Whatever the reason, I felt very sad on seeing this photograph besides feeling scared. May God grant him a long life and a way out of his poverty. Also painting/construction companies need to start using modern equipment that helps to keep the workers safe.

Special thanks to the resident who took these pictures and shared it in the group to alert the painting company.

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