The road to “awesome” Wealth

Happy Diwali everyone .. and may the lights you lit on Diwali night continue to light up your year ahead.

Did you buy new clothes ? Eat lots of sweets and burst many crackers? Maybe a few less “Lakshmi bombs” but more of the sparklers and rockets that shower sparkles of different colors. Did South Indians wake up early in the morning at 4 am ? Did you take bath after massaging oil infused with pepper on your head ? And did you eat the “Deepavali Marundu” made with several herbs and cooked in fresh ginger juice and some ghee ?

Hahahahaha …. I know you are probably getting just a tad bit bugged with my questions. You thought I will give you an easy three step process to earn “awesome” wealth. Ok, I won’t disappoint you – here’s the three step process to get onto the road that leads to “awesome” wealth.

Step 1 – Stop reading this right now. Go out for a 30 minute walk. Even if you are at work. Your feet can get dirty, so remove the fancy shoes/slippers and just walk barefoot. Krishnan and I woke up late today morning, did our morning stretches and just went out for a 3.5 kilometre walk. Everything else will get done, but not your walk. So just do it. I read on Facebook today that a young man who worked with me in Spectramind and later in Hewitt is no more … he died of a heart attack and he couldn’t be more than 32 or 33. He leaves behind a beautiful, young family :(. Life expectancy has increased ? really ? But “life” is dead, heart attacks at 32 !!. You don’t have TIME ? Start walking to your boss’ desk, start walking to your team member’s desk, do your 1:1 by sitting on a bench outside the office or walk with your colleague. Hey, evolution took time and effort to put you on two feet and to give you a thinking brain. If you were just meant to sit on your ass, the legs would have been vestigial or roots. Get out of the house/office, GET MOVING and do it now and don’t give silly excuses.

Step 2 – Everything you eat out of a box and drink out of a bottle helps you to reach the ultimate box sooner. The ultimate box is the casket in which you are lowered into the Earth. So start eating “FOOD”, not something that got made in a factory by a dead machine. You don’t agree ? Ok – here’s how the “nutrient enriched cereal” gets into your breakfast bowl. The fresh corn’s nutrient rich kernel (core) is REMOVED and then the rest of the corn is passed through high heat, gets shaped as flakes, and then another mixer ADDS nutrients to the flakes and then it is boxed and put on a Super Market shelf where you pick it up and eat after several months. Get fresh corn and roast/steam it a bit add salt, spice and lemon and eat it – it takes less time, its tastier, and you help a farmer earn money instead of Kellogg’s. Whatever be the “secret” recipe of Coke and Pepsi, the one thing that is not a secret is their recipe brings “DEATH”. Nature/God/Universe/Whatever came before us – created WATER, not Coke and Pepsi. If you are thirsty, drink water. The single most important hurdle on your road to “awesome” wealth is Coke or Pepsi or any other carbonated poison. Every time you lift that bottle of Coke or Pepsi, think you are losing a finger or a toe. Every penny that Coke and Pepsi and every carbonated drink maker makes, is contributed by somebody’s lost health. Choose “FOOD” that is made by a human being or grown by Nature on some tree/plant. Just as a dead woman cannot be a mother and her breast won’t give milk, a dead machine cannot give you nutrition. Your body is not made of plastic or steel …. its flesh and bones and cells that need nutrition. Just imagine a Lion eating cereal and swigging Coke, how cute and how dead it will be soon !!

Step 3 – The only thing that separates us from the Animal world is a better thinking mind. Hahahahahaha … see even you smiled, but its true and not a joke, notwithstanding the Bihar election results or Arnab’s “Nation wants to know” rant. Our thinking mind makes us create our own comforts, helps us overcome adversity, makes us mould Nature, helps us live inside an Igloo… it helps us reason, question, choose, manipulate, judge, argue, agree etc. Your biggest ally on the road to “awesome” wealth is your thinking. The great Buddha said it best “You are what you think” …. and we make every effort to shut down an enquiring mind. Many years back Krishnan read this quote somewhere and it has stuck with us ever since “Children enter schools as question marks and come out as full stops”. The keen curiosity is killed by the need to conform and believe. Keep the curiosity alive by questioning everything and seeking to know the real answers. Don’t accept anything that comes out of the idiot box or some great idiot’s mouth :):). THINK for yourself.

Just three steps to “awesome” wealth – Move your body, Eat real food, Think for yourself. 

Its easy enough and within the reach of every one. So what are you waiting for? Get moving, Get eating, Get Thinking. Now, not next Diwali. All the festivals are reminders of how to get onto the road to “awesome” wealth and that is why they come every year, hoping YOU get it some year. :):)

Happy Diwali. Wish you all “awesome” health to enjoy the “awesome” wealth.

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