A Roti Loving Tamilian


My comfort food is a well made roti. I use organic Khapli Wheat flour and have even got Amma to eat one every time I make it.

A Tamilian from Coimbatore and the rolling hills of Naldehra

We reached Club Mahindra, Naldehra yesterday. It took us an hour and 45 minutes to do the 50 kms from Club Mahindra, Kandaghat. We came through Shimla and infact crossed Hotel Peterhof that we had stayed at in 2015. The traffic police was out in full force to manage the continuous stream of vehicles in … Read more

A Tamilian in India, is an Indian first …

In the last two days after the ordinance on Jallikattu was passed, the peaceful student agitation took an ugly turn…. all sorts of political and other nefarious elements infiltrated the peaceful agitators and tried to turn it into an anti-India, anti-Modi, anti-Hindi agitation. The good thing is students had dispersed before much of these things happened … Read more