Maatu Pongal and Kanu Pidi 2022

Kanu Pidi Pongal

Tomorrow is celebrated as Maatu Pongal and today we celebrated “Kanu Pidi” the Brahmin version of Raksha Bandhan.

A Tamilian in India, is an Indian first …

In the last two days after the ordinance on Jallikattu was passed, the peaceful student agitation took an ugly turn…. all sorts of political and other nefarious elements infiltrated the peaceful agitators and tried to turn it into an anti-India, anti-Modi, anti-Hindi agitation. The good thing is students had dispersed before much of these things happened … Read more

देशवासियों, मद्रासियों से सीखो !!

For four days now thousands of people have been at the Marina Beach, protesting the ban on “Jallikattu”…. whats so great about the protest ? People keep protesting everywhere for different things ! True, BUT, this is the first protest where huge crowds have gathered and there is no violence, no women have been groped, … Read more