An Udupi Sari

Yesterday was National Handloom Day while I wore the Puneri fisherwomen Sari, I didn’t click any pictures. I had written about this sari earlier – A cotton, tussar and a Kanchi “Pattu”. I wanted to share about the Udupi sari that I bought from Maanini Vastralaya. They have a FB page and their collection is just awesome. Mr. Ashok is super responsive and the best part is, all their saris are handloom saris. I wore this Udupi Sari a few days back. Its pure cotton handloom.

The thing that I have noticed is “checks” are a common thing in Udupi, Patteda Anchu, Puneri, Ilkal and Kunbi saris. There are slight differences in the borders and pallu, but the body of the sari is essentially checks and the yarn count is different making the saris heavy or light, soft or coarse. This Udupi sari is light and drapes easily. The golden coloured yarn used gives it a sheen. This was also an inexpensive sari, under Rs. 1000/-. The reason I mention the price is because most people shy away from buying handloom products assuming that they are super expensive. The reality is they should be more expensive but they aren’t. As more and more people buy handloom, the weavers will also be able to make a living and folks can own a piece of unique clothing. I think we need a reboot in the way we buy things – the crazy consumption attitude has to give way to buying longer lasting, good quality stuff in smaller quantities.

My sis Anu had posted this on her timeline, on why we celebrate Aug 7th as the National Handloom Day. I didn’t know this !! I will celebrate the day with even more interest now that I know its connected to our freedom struggle.

Make it a point to buy atleast one item of handloom every year as you make your purchases. It helps the second largest non-formal industry in our country – the handloom weavers. It also helps in keeping our glorious weaving heritage alive.

Happy National Handloom Day.

5 thoughts on “An Udupi Sari”

  1. I heard about UDUPI FOOD. But for the first time i am hearing about UDUPI Saree. Ofcourse, my knowledge is highly limited.

  2. So glad to see you in this lovely Udipi, must be part of the spandana project of Kaithari group?

    Lovely blog and made me smile. I own 7 of these, I have gifted 4 of them to my friends.


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