Sickened to the stomach ….

I struggled with the title of this blog because am angry, numb and sick, all at the same time. For the past few days every time the Ryan school murder case comes up, I am shocked at the casualness of the whole incident.  A little boy goes to school and in fifteen minutes is found … Read more Sickened to the stomach ….

The Juvenile devil

Just a week back the Supreme court upheld the “death penalty” for four of the rapists in the Nirbhaya case. While there will always be arguments about the “death penalty” as a means of punishment, there is really no strong enough deterrent that stops human beings from behaving as devils. Till we find a solution … Read more The Juvenile devil

The Vivekananda series … 3. Serenity

A great question asked by the Master ! Especially for us corporate types …. How often do you become disturbed in the course of a day ? Innumerable times, so often that we can’t count ? The deadlines, targets, politics, comparisons, money all adding up to the stress and “getting disturbed” situation. I get disturbed … Read more The Vivekananda series … 3. Serenity