Rahul Rajiv spoke the truth :)

Rahul Rajiv said “This morning I woke up at night ….”. Now see the two pictures below – This is today morning at 8.20 am …. but does it look like its morning ? So today morning I woke up at night too !! Stop joking about the clown prince – he spake the truth … Read more

The Nation does not want to know #whereisrahul

Apparently the number one trending topic globally on Twitter is #whereisrahul…. How sad, that so many people choose to waste time on inane, irrelevant things like this. I have done it too in the past, especially during the Lok Sabha elections because remember, Rahul baba was the “chosen” one for the top job. I shudder … Read more

AAP ko badhaiyaan !! Lessons from this…

When the Anna movement started against corruption and trying to force the Jan Lokpal bill to be passed the mood in the country was one of anger and frustration. For the first time, we could see the young, the old and the folks in the middle all rise up as one voice. Arvind Kejriwal was … Read more